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Two bosses tonight puts us at US 5th 2 Day.

Somehow we came in and oneshot Imperator after a sloppy farm night in Mythic BRF.

Then we killed Kromog in 30 minutes (less than 2 hours total, something like 17 pulls).

Maybe we'll kill the Lord of Trains tomorrow.

The Big Post.... 5/10M

Trucks a posted Mar 21, 15

Making up for lost time.

I forgot to turn on my stream... no video for Flamebender this week.

We beat the Stampers... in the head... with a rock. See you in Albuquerque.

Pre-nerf, one shot on Tuesday. I almost uploaded the 324k wipe video instead.

More Ore, Or Gore?

Trucks a posted Mar 5, 15

This boss was pleasingly easy. Back on our feet and ready to push some great progression next week.

Watch our stream Tuesdays & Wednesdays @ 8CST!

A Week Late... 1/10M

Trucks a posted Mar 4, 15

After quite a few <5% wipes last week, we managed to get a very clean kill tonight with only one death. A great job and some new faces.

10/10H US 208th H Blackhand

Trucks a posted Feb 18, 15

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