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5/7M! (in just two weeks)

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Amazing job this week progressing on two bosses, and nearly killing Ko'ragh (~20% in 90 minutes worth of attempts).

Looking to take our Top 10 Mal'Ganis spot back next week in BRF.




Tectus Video

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No video of our first kill, which was near perfect... so watch this sloppy kill instead.



We're Back Baby!

Trucks a posted Jan 22, 15

Sorry I forgot the video, guys.

Amazingly clean Tectus kill, only one death. 22% on Brackenspore in 2 hours as a group, we'll knock it down first thing next week and on to clear Butcher before BRF. Great job team.

What Is Dead May Never Die

Trucks a posted Jan 7, 15

Since we don't have any boss kill screenshots, I'll share with you all my favorite picture from Warlords release.

<Invalid Target> is back in action for Tier 17. The website is back up and we are accepting applications.

Anfalas Just had to be facing a different way, didn't you unnerving?
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