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The End Of Days

Trucks a posted Jul 14, 15

<Invalid Target> is officially done raiding at this point in HFC. I hate to say it, because I enjoy raiding and thought this new content was great, but it's been a long time coming.

Raiding since mid-BRF has been like bailing water out of a sinking ship. We lost some of our star players during Iron Maidens progression, partially due to some dramatic personalities leaving and partially due to some people just getting tired of the game. The shrinking playerbase and explosion of guilds this expansion has made recruitment a LOT of work. Now, I just don't have the time.

I'll be around, I might be raiding or I might just log in now and then (thanks gold token).

I leave you with this:

Grommash Has Anger Issues

Trucks a posted Jun 26, 15

8/13H... looking to kill a few more over the weekend if people show up for optional raids. Talk to an officer about recruitment, we're adding a couple people into our roster for next week.

Kilrogg Deadguy

Trucks a posted Jun 23, 15

5/13H clear the first night, we'll be tackling Gorefiend and friends tomorrow. Might be doing some optional extra time to continue progression on Thursday.

Lots of recruiting going on, feel free to app or send an officer a tell.


Trucks a posted May 27, 15

I won't lie. This was painful. This fight, which is by no accounts the hardest fight I've seen, is a pain in the ass. Here's a little insight into the past month for us.

As many current and former players alike can see, this game is going through some tough times right now. Blizzard just posted a record and staggering subscriber loss, losing almost 1/3 of the current population in the past quarter (probably more, given that we're halfway through Q2 2015). As many guilds have seen, this hit to the playerbase has caused damage far and wide... from dedicated top end teams that have been mainstays for years, to any established guild pushing progression, to even casual groups that probably can't even form a pickup Heroic with their usual crew. I've noticed more guilds break up in the past month or two than at any other time before.

Then came the ban wave, which by all acounts has removed 2-5% of the remaining active accounts. We ourselves lost two players who made the mistake of botting at some point. In my recruitment efforts the past few weeks I've seen so many posts about another guild breaking up, another group dying, now because of this.

These are all compounding factors, which break most guilds and send their team fractured off to find a new group to raid with. Some people get frustrated and leave for greener pastures, hoping to move up in the world. Some people get tired of the game and quit themselves, not out of complete dissatisfaction with the current content but not wanting to put through the effort of finding a new team, new friends. It is sad to see people go, and even worse when it causes trouble in the process.

With all this in mind, and the fact that some visitors may have noticed empty forums, a website with only posts from May 2015 (thanks for making me repost everything, but thanks to some dedication from our raiders the entire website was recovered), and no recent activity or kill pictures in 5 weeks; I can proudly say that we have an amazingly strong raid team and we're all looking forward to the end of this tier and Hellfire Citadel.

We've overcome a lot, with all I mentioned. We lost a lot of our original Warlords core, but the group I built this team with in 2013 is still together for the most part. We've got some new faces, and we all know that we can each play better every day, push higher parses and faster boss kills. In the end though, this is a solid team and to anyone happening on the website thinking of joining, by all means please apply!

I'm going to be cautiously optomistic about the next few weeks, but depending on the release schedule of Hellfire Citadel (which I imagine we'll be hearing about soon), I would say you should expect to see the last two Blackrock kill pictures. We know we're behind in progression, in ranking. The heart of this group knows we should be doing better, and belong in a much better spot. All I can say is, we know how to do it and we're not going to sit by the sidelines and let the situations and circumstances dictate. We're here to make a show of force as one of the top 2 Day raiding teams in the US, and we have some of the best players to do that with.

Without further ado, here is the Maidens kill video. Good job team.

We Are Recruiting!

Trucks a posted May 24, 15

<Invalid Target> is currently looking to finalize our roster for the remainder of the tier and going forward into Hellfire Citadel in a few months.

If you feel you are top notch at your class and would like to raid with us, we encourage you to apply regardless of our current needs.

We are in particular need of: MAGE / ROGUE / WARLOCK / HUNTER / SHADOWPRIEST

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